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Welcome Back!

Round: Welcome Back Round

We’re back, Fudds is Back and life is Grand!

We have been on extended hiatus due to schedules, families and general life responsibilities
Since our last review much has happened.
Clermont grew a beard
McCullough has somehow gotten more handsome (you can guess who is writing this review)
Danny Y is now married and a soon to be father
But most importantly FUDD’s is back in Regina!

We visited on Day 3 of opening. It is a sleek, newer version of the Fudds most know in Saskatoon, but is it better?
The condiments bar is smaller and against the wall , therefore slowing things down
The bakery is not separate from the rest of the ordering station which makes you feel rushed when perusing the baked goods
Generally has a different feel from the old FUDDS. No nostalgia, some may like and some may not. I believe Clermont was a little rattled from his surroundings as I witness some of his beard hairs greying before my eyes.

Paper towel rolls at each table (brilliant)

Burger: Works

Now for the burger……
This may get me killed in Saskatchewan but at the old Fudds I have never had a good burger. Not a fan as I felt they were far too dry
The new Fudds was delicious. We all agreed.
Juicy, but not sloppy, good size and had a nice overall look and very good bun
The burger actually came out a little medium well (hint of pink) which I loved

Shake: Chocolate
Unlike old Fudds the shake bar is not separate along with the bakery (as mentioned above) and there were only the basic flavour options along with Oreo.
This was very disappointing as Old Fudds has many options with chunks of chocolate, oreo and whatever the heart desires at the bottom of the shake
Once getting over that disappointment and being served that chilled metal tin shake …. It was very good
Not as good as the old but damn close
Thick, cold, and filled with chocolatey goodness

Overall experience was “Thumbs Up”

We are not sure if this will be the beginning of a new round or if this was just us getting back to business.
We will meet at the quarterly board of directors meeting next week to determine our next step as an organization and let the general public know after.
We thought of bringing in a 4th board of director, Johnny Manziel, but he was too busy to meet because of some “secret workout” he was involved in, so we removed his application.

Rating: MM JC DY
Burger 42 42 43.5
Shake 42.5 43 40

Burger Avg: 42.5
Shake Avg: 41.8

Overall Avg: 84.3

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Thumbs up Mr Spudd! Burger Stud. Forbidden Flavours? Dud.

Mikey has been beaming with confidence.  The Bon Burger/Dessart experience was pretty epic.  I knew Mr. Spudds would deliver on the burgers, and I was rolling the dice on a shake location that I hoped would prove as a double edge sword (excellent shake and shame for Danny Y).



Mr Spudds Poutinerie and more!

We went the ‘and more’ route and ordered double burgers with cheese and bacon.  We also ordered a poutine, because when in Rome….


The burgers were delicious, and there was a lot of head nodding and agreement about Mikeys title being in jeopardy.  Delicious juicy double patties, plenty of bacon and gooey melted cheese. You will have to try them out at the Farmers Market or book the truck for an event.  You may also have noticed the BS Club official BEEF a’la MODE T-shirts.  This unique design has been popularized by a local apparel company that obviously ripped off our creativity…or maybe it is the other way around, I can’t remember for sure.  Irregardless, BS Club looked dashing and were stopped and asked about our shirts a few times.



Burger Scores:

JC                                44.0

Danny Y                    44.5

Mikey                        41.0

Average                    43.1


Did somebody say MILKSHAKE?  No.  Not really…

2nd Half Meltdown.  Forbidden Flavors is not the place to go for a milkshake.  I had hoped that the fact it was next door to Level 10 (Danny Y’s workplace) that I could get some ‘FORSHAME you BS Club member’ points for being hidden in plain sight.

Unfortunately, this ice cream shoppe attached to Tumblers made a very poor milkshake.  I recommend their ice cream cones and definitely visiting the ice cream truck they park by Candy Cane park in the summer, but they need work on the shakes. It was just hard ice cream with milk added to it.  The shame was on me.  I fell on the double edge sword myself.

Nobody finished theirs.  Mikey and I went to Dessart for a shake right after..true story.

This was Mikey Gloating:


He had reason to gloat…


JC                                  18.0

Danny Y                      20.5

Mikey                          24.0

Average                      20.83


TOTAL AVG:  63.93

Mikey still in the lead.

Will be tough for Danny Y to unseat him but I look forward to it!

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Bon Boeuf

Non Sit Down Établissement Round (Scroll down for less sophisticated English review)

Cette série se compose d’un ou les deux hamburger et des endroits Agiter avoir aucune salle à manger intérieure établie. Cette série sera composée de camions de nourriture et de marcher jusqu’à restaurants. Terrasse extérieure peut être présent, mais pas de grands patios sont dans le fair-play.
I, étant le James Bond de Burgers décidé sur Bon Burger pour notre Burger Round
Il n’y a pas un véhicule alimenté au gaz en Saskatchewan qui fait un hamburger plus fine. Si vous êtes assez chanceux pour les traquer comme je l’avais telle difficulté à le faire, vous allez Bonkers pour cette Burger Bonanza.
Nous sommes allés pour le Double Dare Burger et laissez-moi vous dire qu’à l’heure actuelle, il est le hamburger mieux notés à ce jour depuis le début de Burger Agiter club !!!!
Il y avait des garnitures à gogo qui a fait Danny Y crissent avec délice, il y avait un petit pain solide JC commenté “pourrait être mieux”, mais était plus que suffisant. Enfin il y avait 2 délicieuses galettes de hamburger et lorsque vous mettez tout cela ensemble vous vous retrouvez avec un hamburger très bonne. Après avoir terminé cette merveilleuse création nous 3 simplement assis dos, détendu et laissa échapper un soupir satisfait (composé de 2 parties d’oxygène et une partie du dioxyde de carbone).
Si nous avions à pinailler nous suggérons de faire disparaître la galette de pain supplémentaire au milieu, mais le score ne se trouve pas, ce Burger était phénoménal. Avec des hamburgers comme cela, vous n’avez pas besoin d’un restaurant que les gens seront heureux de chasser votre camion burger dans la rue pour obtenir une morsure.

Moy Burger Score: 43.83 / 50

Une fois que les sueurs de la viande rouge sont morts en bas nous étions en route pour notre Agiter
Je devais suivre le choix de hamburger succès avec une secousse aussi impressionnant que je décidai sur Dessart Sweets crème glacée et Candy Store
Ce magasin est comme le rêve d’un enfant de 6 ans qui se réalise ou dans notre rêve cas 3 hommes adultes se réalise. Bonbons / chocolat / crème glacée. Vous pouvez obtenir des bonbons avec des mots de blasphème dans le titre qui plaisait Danny Y ou revenir dans le temps et l’achat de bonbons populaires dans votre jeunesse.

Dessart commencé et ils ont beaucoup de choix pour Shakes. Je suis allé avec PB et le chocolat, les garçons sont allés avec un chocolat café mélange aromatisé. Malheureusement, ils ne sont pas servis dans les boîtes métalliques classiques mais quand elle a demandé «Voulez-vous que Malt” Je savais que je devais un gagnant sur mes mains
«Lait malté est un gruau en poudre fabriqué à partir d’un mélange d’orge malté, farine de blé et le lait évaporé entier”
Il peut ne pas sembler beaucoup, mais putain ça ajouter une autre dimension de la saveur à votre Shake.
Danny Y a Malt moins et ressenti la secousse a été légèrement défaut. JC et moi-même, les vétérinaires chevronnés, sont allés avec le Malt et étaient ravis.
La secousse était très épaisse, riche et délicieux. Il a été l’un de nos shakes mieux cotés
Agiter Avg: 41.67 / 50
Score total Burger / Shake: 85,5

Ce combo Burger and Shake était de 0,1 au large de notre plus haut score total à ce jour
Tout ce que je dois dire à mes deux frères burger est bonne chance de battre ce garçons ronds !!!!
Vous pouvez aussi bien épingler le ruban du gagnant sur moi en ce moment.


Non- Sit Down Establishment Round

This round consists of one or both burger and Shake places to have no established indoor eating area. This round will consist of food trucks and walk up eateries. Outdoor seating can be present but no large patios are in fair play.

I, being the James BONd of Burgers decided on Bon Burger for our Burger Round


There is not a gas powered vehicle in Saskatchewan that makes a finer burger. If you are lucky enough to track them down as I had such difficulty doing, you will go BONkers for this Burger BONanza.

We went for the Double Dare Burger and let me just say that as of now it is the highest rated burger to date since the inception of Burger Shake Club!!!!

There were toppings galore which made Danny Y squeal with delight, there was a solid bun which JC commented “could be better”, but was more than adequate. Lastly there was 2 delicious burger patties and when you put all this together you end up with one Tres BONne burger. After finishing this wonderful creation the 3 of us just sat back, relaxed and let out a satisfied breath (consisting of 2 parts oxygen and one part CarBON dioxide).

If we had to nitpick we would suggest doing away with the extra bun patty in the middle but the score does not lie, this Burger was phenomenal. With burgers like this you don’t need a restaurant as people will gladly chase your burger truck down the street to get a bite.


Avg Burger Score: 43.83/50


Once the Red Meat sweats died down we were off for our Shake

I had to follow up the successful burger choice with an equally impressive Shake so I decided on Dessart Sweets Ice Cream and Candy Store

This store is like a 6 year old child’s dream come true or in our case 3 grown men’s dream come true. Candy/chocolate/ice cream. You can get candies with profanity words in the title which pleased Danny Y or go back in time and purchase candies popular in your youth.


Dessart started out well as they have plenty of choices for Shakes. I went with PB and chocolate, the boys went with a Chocolate Coffee flavoured blend. Unfortunately they are not served in the classic metal tins but when she asked “Would you like Malt” I knew I had a winner on my hands

“Malted milk is a powdered gruel made from a mixture of malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated whole milk”

It may not sound like much but damn does it add another flavour dimension to your Shake.

Danny Y went Malt less and felt the shake was slightly lacking. JC and myself, seasoned vets, went with the Malt and were delighted.

The shake was very thick, rich and delicious. It was one of our higher rated shakes

Shake Avg: 41.67/50

Total Burger/Shake Score: 85.5


This Burger and Shake combo was 0.1 off of our highest total score to date

All I have to say to both of my burger brothers is BONne Chance beating this round boys!!!!

You may as well pin the Winner’s ribBON on me right now.



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Wendys and BK Redemption?

Spoiler Alert:  Its only fitting that Mikey wins the ‘Redemption Round’ as he has used mercy to redeem himself on more than one occasion.

To be clear, this is not to be confused with Mikeys redemption from taking us to the Polar Palace (which was closed for the season) or the time that he felt too ill from the Rita challenge to eat his milkshake, so was granted a one day extension on the shake.  Further, it should not be confused with the Shamrock shake chosen that next day which tasted like an old chalky mint from Grandmas pocket (not YOUR grandma, someone else grandma who also keeps an often used handkerchief in that same pocket).  The Shamrock was tossed and Mikey was granted a mulligan as we headed back to McDonalds for a chocolate shake.

To be fair: He’s proved to be the King of Redemption and has earned the crown this round.

I’m not saying that I waved the white flag, but the 5.5 point improvement in Mikeys choice of Carl’s Jr. was a massive undertaking. So I decided that if I was going down, it would be with a delicious burger and shake in my belly!

The Wendy’s Baconator scored well the first round and didn’t really need redemption.


Juicy double patty, bacon, cheese – no brainer: delicious.

The BK Shake is where I was looking for redemption.  When we went the first time, the choice to not order a chocolate shake was a grave mistake.  You will be hard pressed to find a drive through establishment that serves up a more delicious and thick chocolate milkshake.

We dined in this time to take in the ambience of the Kings lair.  To soak in the smell of whopper sauce and onions and to allow Danny Y to negotiate, face to face, with our server.

Danny Y:  Can I mix Oreo and Chocolate together in a milkshake?

Server: No

Danny Y (with a whimper and single tear rolling down his cheek): You can’t use the chocolate shake to make my Oreo milkshake instead of Vanilla?

She made him a pity shake, which he was not too proud to accept.

It was an improvement from the first round, the rankings improved slightly but Mikey was nervous about securing his pending victory and may have underrated the thickness (in my opinion).  A little like the basehead from Menace II Society who had them cheeseburgers.  We all remember what lengths he was willing to go to…


All in all, a good round with entertaining banter and delicious burgers and shakes all around.

Good choice on redemption round Danny Y, and a tip of the hat to Mikey on the victory!


Burger Shake
JC 43.5 41.5
Mikey 39 37.5
Danny Y 38 42


Burger Avg: 40.17
Shake Avg: 40.3
New Avg: 80.47
Old Avg: 77.8

Difference: +2.67


The above photos may or may not have been taken on a flip phone…

Stay tuned for Mikeys round choice as well as an upcoming blog post from an invitation to a burger lunch to commemorate the BS Clubs 1 year anniversary.  This calls for rings (onion rings) – JC


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Curious Case of Carl’s Jr.

My redemption round took us back to Carl’s Jr where our first taste of Carl’s was during the drive through round. I hate to say it but my last experience in the Carl’s Jr parking lot in a parked car with JC and Danny Y did not go as planned. Pause ……… for JC to think of an inappropriate response…………. Now back to my review.

Our first go around, Carl’s Jr burgers were pretty good. We had a pretzel bun the patty was a bit dry and the bacon could have been better but what can you expect from a drive thru burger.
The shake on the other hand was just this side of pure water. No thickness, below average taste and all around disappointing.

I felt Carl’s may be able to redeem itself with a simple move indoors to eat our lunch. We all know sometimes the drive thru doesn’t give the best representation of what an establishment has to offer.
We couldn’t remember the exact name of the burger we ordered so we went with the Western bacon cheeseburger. This burger did not have a pretzel bun but once JC was done sulking about it, we all agreed the burger was decent to solid with near identical ratings as the first go around.



I knew at that point I needed a serious shake redemption to have a chance at winning this round.
Being inside helped as you could see on the menu they had about 8 flavours to choose from and as luck would have it we happened to be dining on $2 shake day. After trying to convince the boys we all get multiple $2 shakes to try all flavours, to no avail, Danny and JC ordered a mixed coffee flavoured Oreo concoction. I went with the Brownie – Oreo mixture.
After much confusion with our order as our milkshake barista was unsure about our mixtures, we nervously waited for our shakes doubting the orders would be correct.
She came through and with very few extras and only a minor increase in thickness the taste was far superior to our first go around. The thickness was still a problem especially for Danny Y but the taste was so much better than before it helped relieve some of the other concerns.
The experience was definitely better overall with the shake putting me in the lead for the Redemption Round.

Up next JC

Previous Scores: Redemption round scores

Burger Avg: 35 Burger Avg: 34.5
Shake Avg: 27.3 Shake Avg: 33.3
Overall score: 62.3 Overall Score: 67.8

Differential Score: +5.5

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C’mon Mercury, time to redeem yourself!

There’s been a few burgers and shakes in the last 11 months that just didn’t perform as well as we thought they would.  Well here’s their chance to totally redeem themselves!

The Mercury Cafe & Grill was originally going to be my first choice in the very first round of Burger Shake Club, so my expectations were always pretty high for this place.  Mikey chose before I did and he took us to the Mercury, which worked out well in my favour because it scored horribly and I won the first round quite handily!

Redemption Round is upon us, and off to the Mercury we went again!  I really want this place to do well and knew that the last time had to have been an off day for the diner.  Its a diner, it’s supposed to have good burgers and even better shakes!!!  Ive got this one in the bag, it’s a lock, they’re going to perform this time for sure!

Well, the results are pretty much the same as last time.

The burger faired pretty well again.  Meat was good, bacon was very good and the buns can best be described by the following:


The shake didn’t score as well as it probably could have but did taste good.  The Mercury uses chocolate ice cream with chocolate milk, so it’s a little different than most places so that did hurt it a little.  But I personally enjoyed it!

After all the marks were in, I scored better than Mikey did the first time but definitely a beatable score.

First Mercury score – cumulative avg of 68.00

Second Mercury score – cumulative avg of 70.17

Difference of +2.17

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Cravings Mega Burger – BurgerBaron Chocolate Shake

How to beat the Rita challenge….find a burger thats better testing!

The Mega burger from Cravings All Day Grill and Bellini Lounge is an accomplishable goal for the seasoned burger eater, but would give the regular joe’s out there a small battle.

Set between two beautiful buns, are three 8oz., mouthwatering Angus beef patties topped with cheese, tomato, red onions, lettuce, and mayo!  She’s a beaut!

All three of us finished this ‘monster’, and were all geared up to walk across the parking lot for an A&W shake…..the only problem is, the A&W in the east end by Cravings doesn’t have an ice cream machine so there’s no desserts there!!!

Off to Burger Baron we went!

Here we were treated to the skills of a veteran shake maker, teaching one of her disciples the art a great extra thick shake.  This soon to be legend of shake making wow’d the founders of the BSClub with her abilities and the rest is history.

There weren’t many extra toppings and only 5 flavours, but boy was that shake thick!  If you want to get your shake finished before bedtime kids, you may not want to challenge this lady with an ‘extra thick’ request!

With a burger score of 40.67/50 and a shake score of 39.5/50, Danny Y wins the challenge round and will be choosing the next round of BSClub!


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Rita Challenge – The Great Canadian Brewhouse

“Could be renamed the Ralph Challenge now…” – JC

On the day of the challenge it was 36 years to the day I had entered this world and at times throughout this challenge I felt I was close to leaving it.

Let’s flashback for a quick second to my hours of researching and calling establishments throughout the city of Regina to find what I felt was a true burger challenge. I knew, the second I saw a picture of this burger (Rita as we affectionately refer to it), this round was about to be put out of reach.

The Rita is six, 8-ounce patties smothered in cheese and bacon (extra bacon for me as I want no vegetation touching my patties) along with a large poutine that must be consumed in under 60 mins to be rewarded with a shirt and a free meal. In all, 3 pounds of burger and a total of roughly 5.5 pounds of food.

This meal was my Moby Dick, my Everest, my …. Everything. I knew sitting in front of this mound of meat that every decision I had made the last 36 years had brought me to this fateful encounter. It was going to be me or the meat. GAME ON!!!

Side note: Danny Y got the John Candy burger which was a double burger that looked like something my burger would feed on in the wild. I respected DY for knowing his limits. My burger brother was there for moral support and possibly to mop up vomit.

Clermont a week removed from nasal surgery, joined me in the quest. We knew from the get go he was merely there to witness and document the encounter. He fared well eating half the burger and slightly denting his poutine before waving the ketchup stained white flag.

Fast forward… After methodically eating each patty with knife and fork, adding bun every 5th bite while dipping it in ketchup every other bite to keep the tastes varied I was able to crush the burger by the 25 minute mark. I had requested they bring me the large poutine at the 30 minute mark so I did not have to look at it and to keep it fresh. Of course it was brought at the 10 minute mark and other than the occasional bite it was largely ignored until the burger was completed.

For the last 30 minutes I struggled with a coagulated gob of fries, cheese and gravy. I would have sweat my way through it if I had not been so dehydrated from the meat. Instead I stuck to minor tremors and dizziness. I felt I could not continue on with about 10 minutes left. My burger brothers along with our special guest Wayne and encouraging texts from my wife is what kept me chewing.

With a final surge in the last waning minutes – after requesting a quick re-heat of the poutine, which was not a good idea , due to the now hot vomit look of the fries – I was able to ram the last 3 bites into my gullet with about 90 seconds to spare.

I had done it! I had taken down the Rita!

I won’t go into detail about how I felt immediately after and into that evening but all you need to remember is this

What has 2 thumbs, a free shirt and lunch……


This guy does!


The challenge was epic but the burger itself was not very good. It could be that I feel physically ill thinking about it but other than the challenge aspect I would not recommend the burger. We all agreed it was overcooked and lacking much taste or freshness.


Due to the physical and emotional torture we had put ourselves through we held off on the milkshakes until the next day.


The next day I chose McDonald’s Shamrock Shake for obvious St. Patrick’s Day reasons. JC and myself picked them up and brought them to DY.

Have you ever wondered what the slime dumped on people’s heads on the hit 80’s series “You can’t do that on Television” looked and tasted like?

Well wonder no more as the 3 of us took months off our lives simply tasting this vile concoction. It was so bad we all decided a redo was in order so we went back to McD’s and ordered our customary Chocolate flavoured shakes.

They tasted delicious compared to those Shamrock S # @ t shakes we had earlier. They had good consistency, nice taste and obviously not much in the way of extras or appearance.

Overall the Chocolate shakes received a nice ranking and cleansed our palettes of the Shamrock mess.

Danny Y is up last for the challenge round and after dethroning JC there will be a new winner this round

( keep in mind the rankings for the burgers were adjusted giving size and challenge a much higher score than normal and lowering the taste ranking)

Rita Challenge – Great Canadian Brewhouse/ McDonald’s Shake

Burger Avg: 39.67
Shake Avg: 39.17

Cumulative Avg: 78.84


Tune in for Danny Y’s Challenge choice…. Good luck and God Speed

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Challenge Round – Part I -Beef, Chicken, Pig x2

We were pretty excited to try the Lochness burger from Bobby’s Place on Dewdney to kick off the Challenge Round.  This unassuming former fabric warehouse (and nightclub) is a pleasant surprise on the inside and is likely a great place to have lunch and enjoy some pints.

However, we were disappointed to learn that they had no patties prepared for the legendary Lochness burger.  Thus, we had to move on…

Challenge round is simple.  Is the burger a challenge?  Is it free if you finish or is there a wall of fame or T-shirt to commemorate the feat?

Leopolds had their burger ready for consumption:

Beef burger, buttermilk fried chicken breast, pulled pork, bacon, 2 fried pickles and a fried egg with chipotle mayo. Finish it all including the side and go on our wall of fame!

This burger was DELICIOUS.  D-Licious.  Each meat would have been great in a sandwich by itself, and all 3 of us cleaned our plates right off!


Some would say this burger will knock your socks off, or at least raise your skin tight blue slacks a little and make it look like you are pitching a tent.

The shake is another story altogether…

We took a trip to Smittys and had our server whip up some quick chocolate shakes between her smoke breaks.  Pretty thin consistency but the taste was also weak.  Score is embarrassing:


Burger               Shake
JC                            42.5                      33
DY                           39.5                      31
MM                         42.5                     32

Burger Avg:      41.5
Shake Avg:          32

Cumulative Avg: 73.5

There will be no 3-Peat for JC….

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Mikey’s at Brown’s, Polar Depress & Denny’s bunt

Brown’s Hickory Burger and Denny’s Milkshake

Brown’s Social House East for the hickory burger was my pick this week
Appearances were great as the burger came in its own paper pouch with the slogan “Let’s Get Messy!”
The burger was solid, not one of the top 3 we have had but it held its own
Bacon was good , slightly undercooked but tasty. Bun was fantastic and the way the melted cheese wrapped it’s body around the burger was mouth-watering.
The only issues we as a group had was that it was slightly overcooked and the patty was too thin.
Danny Y and Cleazy got a side of gravy for their fries and they took the slogan “Let’s Get Messy!” to a whole other level. At one point as Danny Y wiped gravy from his eyebrows I believe I saw Cleaz, who had run out of fries, sneak his truck keys in for a quick dip.
All in all a good experience. A good but not great burger with gravy so good you would consider dipping anything in it (use your imagination)

Avg Burger Score: 38/50


With a solid burger score I was looking to contend in this round but quickly my hopes were dashed. I was wanting to take us to Polar Palace (this is where not being from Regina hurt me) but soon realized it was closed for the season (had no idea it was not a sit down establishment). The damn internet stated it was open so I ran the risk and drove the boys over there only to be crushed by the darkened Open sign. Jason cackled at me and Danny Y shook his head in frustration so I had to think fast.
All of a sudden the only thought I had was “Denny’s has shakes!”
I threw a hail mary but alas, it was knocked down at the goal line.
I ordered my favourite peanut butter chocolate , Cleaz went chocolate and Danny Y went with his heart and gleefully giggled “Oreo please”
Minutes later the waitress came back and informed Danny they were out of Oreo so he went with chocolate and I knew I had lost my boy DY.
The shakes came and more than passed the eyeball test.
whip cream … check
metal tin with extra shake….. check
long spoon for tin to keep hands clean….. check
I believed I had a shot…. until DY and JC took a sip and shook me off like a clean-up hitter being signalled by the third base coach to bunt.
They were disappointed in the taste and the thickness factor was just north of watery,
Game over.
However my shake was delicious as I believe my peanut butter saved mine as it added thickness and taste the other guys were robbed of.
I gave high grades as I felt my shake was in the top 5 we had sampled to this point (not top 3 but definitely top 5)
I did not win this round as Cleaz is the first back to back winner
I feel Denny’s could get a better ranking so you may see them again in our Redemption Round

Avg Shake Score: 34.83

Overall Avg Score : 72.83

Official Winner: JC

Stay tuned for JC’s Round choice




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