BS Club


In search of the best Burgers and Shakes (BS).


Worldwide club with countless chapters of Burger and Shake connoisseurs helping to raise awareness for quality BS.


1.  Biweekly meeting (Can be rescheduled to accommodate schedules but must meet 26 times each calendar year)

2.  Three member panel responsible for testing and reviewing BS.

3.  Each member will choose a location for each round.  The winner of the previous round does not pay.

4.  Reviews are unbiased and only consider the review criteria for that round.


1. Inaugural round – Any Burger and Shake within walking distance of each other

2. Food Truck round – Burger and Shake from a food truck

3. Drive Thru round – Burger and Shake must come from an establishment with a drive thru

4. Celebrity round – Choose establishment, bring a celebrity.

5. Wife Swap round – Choose the venue, bring your wives and they fill out the review

6. Home BBQ round. – You make the Burgers and the Shakes



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