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Cravings Mega Burger – BurgerBaron Chocolate Shake

How to beat the Rita challenge….find a burger thats better testing!

The Mega burger from Cravings All Day Grill and Bellini Lounge is an accomplishable goal for the seasoned burger eater, but would give the regular joe’s out there a small battle.

Set between two beautiful buns, are three 8oz., mouthwatering Angus beef patties topped with cheese, tomato, red onions, lettuce, and mayo!  She’s a beaut!

All three of us finished this ‘monster’, and were all geared up to walk across the parking lot for an A&W shake…..the only problem is, the A&W in the east end by Cravings doesn’t have an ice cream machine so there’s no desserts there!!!

Off to Burger Baron we went!

Here we were treated to the skills of a veteran shake maker, teaching one of her disciples the art a great extra thick shake.  This soon to be legend of shake making wow’d the founders of the BSClub with her abilities and the rest is history.

There weren’t many extra toppings and only 5 flavours, but boy was that shake thick!  If you want to get your shake finished before bedtime kids, you may not want to challenge this lady with an ‘extra thick’ request!

With a burger score of 40.67/50 and a shake score of 39.5/50, Danny Y wins the challenge round and will be choosing the next round of BSClub!


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