Curious Case of Carl’s Jr.

My redemption round took us back to Carl’s Jr where our first taste of Carl’s was during the drive through round. I hate to say it but my last experience in the Carl’s Jr parking lot in a parked car with JC and Danny Y did not go as planned. Pause ……… for JC to think of an inappropriate response…………. Now back to my review.

Our first go around, Carl’s Jr burgers were pretty good. We had a pretzel bun the patty was a bit dry and the bacon could have been better but what can you expect from a drive thru burger.
The shake on the other hand was just this side of pure water. No thickness, below average taste and all around disappointing.

I felt Carl’s may be able to redeem itself with a simple move indoors to eat our lunch. We all know sometimes the drive thru doesn’t give the best representation of what an establishment has to offer.
We couldn’t remember the exact name of the burger we ordered so we went with the Western bacon cheeseburger. This burger did not have a pretzel bun but once JC was done sulking about it, we all agreed the burger was decent to solid with near identical ratings as the first go around.



I knew at that point I needed a serious shake redemption to have a chance at winning this round.
Being inside helped as you could see on the menu they had about 8 flavours to choose from and as luck would have it we happened to be dining on $2 shake day. After trying to convince the boys we all get multiple $2 shakes to try all flavours, to no avail, Danny and JC ordered a mixed coffee flavoured Oreo concoction. I went with the Brownie – Oreo mixture.
After much confusion with our order as our milkshake barista was unsure about our mixtures, we nervously waited for our shakes doubting the orders would be correct.
She came through and with very few extras and only a minor increase in thickness the taste was far superior to our first go around. The thickness was still a problem especially for Danny Y but the taste was so much better than before it helped relieve some of the other concerns.
The experience was definitely better overall with the shake putting me in the lead for the Redemption Round.

Up next JC

Previous Scores: Redemption round scores

Burger Avg: 35 Burger Avg: 34.5
Shake Avg: 27.3 Shake Avg: 33.3
Overall score: 62.3 Overall Score: 67.8

Differential Score: +5.5

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