Challenge Round – Part I -Beef, Chicken, Pig x2

We were pretty excited to try the Lochness burger from Bobby’s Place on Dewdney to kick off the Challenge Round.  This unassuming former fabric warehouse (and nightclub) is a pleasant surprise on the inside and is likely a great place to have lunch and enjoy some pints.

However, we were disappointed to learn that they had no patties prepared for the legendary Lochness burger.  Thus, we had to move on…

Challenge round is simple.  Is the burger a challenge?  Is it free if you finish or is there a wall of fame or T-shirt to commemorate the feat?

Leopolds had their burger ready for consumption:

Beef burger, buttermilk fried chicken breast, pulled pork, bacon, 2 fried pickles and a fried egg with chipotle mayo. Finish it all including the side and go on our wall of fame!

This burger was DELICIOUS.  D-Licious.  Each meat would have been great in a sandwich by itself, and all 3 of us cleaned our plates right off!


Some would say this burger will knock your socks off, or at least raise your skin tight blue slacks a little and make it look like you are pitching a tent.

The shake is another story altogether…

We took a trip to Smittys and had our server whip up some quick chocolate shakes between her smoke breaks.  Pretty thin consistency but the taste was also weak.  Score is embarrassing:


Burger               Shake
JC                            42.5                      33
DY                           39.5                      31
MM                         42.5                     32

Burger Avg:      41.5
Shake Avg:          32

Cumulative Avg: 73.5

There will be no 3-Peat for JC….

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