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C’mon Mercury, time to redeem yourself!

There’s been a few burgers and shakes in the last 11 months that just didn’t perform as well as we thought they would.  Well here’s their chance to totally redeem themselves!

The Mercury Cafe & Grill was originally going to be my first choice in the very first round of Burger Shake Club, so my expectations were always pretty high for this place.  Mikey chose before I did and he took us to the Mercury, which worked out well in my favour because it scored horribly and I won the first round quite handily!

Redemption Round is upon us, and off to the Mercury we went again!  I really want this place to do well and knew that the last time had to have been an off day for the diner.  Its a diner, it’s supposed to have good burgers and even better shakes!!!  Ive got this one in the bag, it’s a lock, they’re going to perform this time for sure!

Well, the results are pretty much the same as last time.

The burger faired pretty well again.  Meat was good, bacon was very good and the buns can best be described by the following:


The shake didn’t score as well as it probably could have but did taste good.  The Mercury uses chocolate ice cream with chocolate milk, so it’s a little different than most places so that did hurt it a little.  But I personally enjoyed it!

After all the marks were in, I scored better than Mikey did the first time but definitely a beatable score.

First Mercury score – cumulative avg of 68.00

Second Mercury score – cumulative avg of 70.17

Difference of +2.17

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Mercury Grill and Cafe

Mikey’s selection: Mercury Grill and Cafe

Last week’s burger shake club selection was the Mercury Grill and Cafe. The establishment has the classic diner look and feel to it so it was only natural that we ended up there early on our quest for the ultimate burger and shake

The atmosphere was good and the wait staff was friendly and efficient.

The bacon cheeseburger was the selection of all three judges and it performed pretty well in the ratings getting an average score of 37.3 out of 50

The bacon was delicious, the bun was top shelf but the burger was a little small and while it was tasty I believe all 3 of us had higher expectations. After finishing our burgers and fries we moved onto the Shakes

The offering was limited to the classic chocolate/vanilla/strawberry but once we heard the shakes were served in the “old school” metal cups there was more than a little excitement amongst the 3 of us.

Once served, metal tins and all, we were disappointed as the chocolate shakes we selected were quite runny and very little in the way of ice cream thickness. The milkshakes had a nice taste to them but the lack of ice cream coupled with the “watery” consistency was more than disappointing.

The average milkshake score amongst the 3 of us was 30.7 out of 50.


Burger  37.3/50

Milkshake 30.7/50

Cumulative avg score 68/100

Stay tuned for next week’s selection and reviews on our pursuit for burger and shake enlightenment!


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