Welcome Back!

Round: Welcome Back Round

We’re back, Fudds is Back and life is Grand!

We have been on extended hiatus due to schedules, families and general life responsibilities
Since our last review much has happened.
Clermont grew a beard
McCullough has somehow gotten more handsome (you can guess who is writing this review)
Danny Y is now married and a soon to be father
But most importantly FUDD’s is back in Regina!

We visited on Day 3 of opening. It is a sleek, newer version of the Fudds most know in Saskatoon, but is it better?
The condiments bar is smaller and against the wall , therefore slowing things down
The bakery is not separate from the rest of the ordering station which makes you feel rushed when perusing the baked goods
Generally has a different feel from the old FUDDS. No nostalgia, some may like and some may not. I believe Clermont was a little rattled from his surroundings as I witness some of his beard hairs greying before my eyes.

Paper towel rolls at each table (brilliant)

Burger: Works

Now for the burger……
This may get me killed in Saskatchewan but at the old Fudds I have never had a good burger. Not a fan as I felt they were far too dry
The new Fudds was delicious. We all agreed.
Juicy, but not sloppy, good size and had a nice overall look and very good bun
The burger actually came out a little medium well (hint of pink) which I loved

Shake: Chocolate
Unlike old Fudds the shake bar is not separate along with the bakery (as mentioned above) and there were only the basic flavour options along with Oreo.
This was very disappointing as Old Fudds has many options with chunks of chocolate, oreo and whatever the heart desires at the bottom of the shake
Once getting over that disappointment and being served that chilled metal tin shake …. It was very good
Not as good as the old but damn close
Thick, cold, and filled with chocolatey goodness

Overall experience was “Thumbs Up”

We are not sure if this will be the beginning of a new round or if this was just us getting back to business.
We will meet at the quarterly board of directors meeting next week to determine our next step as an organization and let the general public know after.
We thought of bringing in a 4th board of director, Johnny Manziel, but he was too busy to meet because of some “secret workout” he was involved in, so we removed his application.

Rating: MM JC DY
Burger 42 42 43.5
Shake 42.5 43 40

Burger Avg: 42.5
Shake Avg: 41.8

Overall Avg: 84.3

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