After a LONG 2 month hiatus, the Burger Shake Club is back is full swing.  As I was the first round ‘Landslide” winner, it was my pick to start the second round.  Not only do I get to pick the destination, but i get to pick the style of round.

The second round is a ‘double drive thru’ round.  This round allows the selector to choose the drive thru for the burger and the same or different drive thru for the shake.  Just a brilliant round!!

There wasn’t much surprise for the location of the burger, as Carl’s Jr. is new to our fair city.  The boys were pretty stoked anyways!  All three of us went with the Super bacon cheeseburger, which entails a 1/2 lb beef patty, bacon, cheese and any toppings you want….or don’t want!  (i’ll come back to this)

The burger faired pretty well, comparing against the burgers from the first round.  Being a fast food burger it held its own but was not outstanding by any means.  The best part of the burger in our eyes was the bun!  They really nailed that!!

Using a little misdirection, I attempted to fool my teammates thinking that we were going else where for the shakes, but i pulled right back into the drive thru to see what Carl’s shakes had on the first round.  Once again, all three of us went with the same flavour….Oreo cookie!

“I got this round”, i said to myself!  You can’t screw up Oreo anything.

I was proved wrong, in a big way!  Other than the Oreo cookie pieces being great, the rest of the shake was a huge disappointment!  There were ice chunks being sucked up the straws, the consistency of the shake was runny and thin and the milk tasted as ‘worse than sour breast milk’ !!!

I suggested this place after having it once hungover, and I think I’ll keep it as a Sunday afternoon stop on the list!!

Burger scored 35/50

Shake scores 27.3/50

Total 62.3/100

The one bright spot, other than the bun, was the lady at the drive thru window!  She was fantastic on the intercom, and did not mess up any of our (my teammates) requests!  Those two are probably the most picky eaters when it comes to toppings on their burgers.  After about 7 different changes during the ordering process, the drive thru lady nailed the order on the read back!

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  1. JC says:

    Drive Thru Dixie was a real gem.


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