You Fancy Huh? – The Reservation Round – JC at The Keg

Simple.  Restaurant must be one that will ‘take a reservation’


Burger: Keg Burger served at lunchtime at the North Keg

Is that really North, I mean its trying to be North but still a little scared to cross Dewdney.

It was a little odd to not order a pint of beer and some appetizers and almost adulterous to not order the prime rib.  Mikey was squirming in his seat, as it was like taking a kid in a candy shop only to buy a gift card.

The burger did not disappoint.  Bun so soft and lightly buttered, meat thick and juicy and the size was just perfect. As usual Danny Y got it loaded, I held the tomato and Mikey went for bacon, cheese and ketchup ONLY.  I wanted more bacon, but was otherwise quite impressed.  None of us were distracted by the attractive servers or hostess, come to think of it I don’t think any of us even noticed.

Check the scores, the burger will be tough to beat.

The shake on the other hand…

Shake:  The Keg makes a shake. Seriously…kind of.

The shake is a kids menu item, but there is a little known secret that us adult types can still order one and they will make it a little bigger.  You don’t get crayons though, thats where they save the money.

It came out with great presentation (whipped cream, cherry and chocolate shavings in a parfait cup), but really lacked chocolate flavour.  It was thick and ice cold (brain freeze was a common ailment) but again, lacked chocolate flavour.  I would suggest they add it to the menu, but put some chocolate syrup in with the chocolate ice cream when they prepare this ever so delicate    beverage.

Shake scores got hammered, I’m guessing its quite hit and miss but Mikey actually said he would go back and order another burger over a steak!




Making love to a straw

Making love to a straw


Burger                 Shake
JC                           44                      34
Mikey                    42.5                   36
Danny Y                41.5                   36.5

Burger Avg:        42.67
Shake Avg:          35.5

Overall Avg:       78.17

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