Colter’s Dad at Nicky’s Cafe

Rewind to 2006:

Heard at a pre-teen birthday party in Swift Current:

“Craig! Mark! Sweet that you guys could make it up to my party!” – Colter

“Dude, we wouldn’t miss it for the world” – Craig

“Yeah.” – Mark

“Ok, so lets just go over the plan again before we smash this piñata and destroy some cupcakes:  Our Dads are super lame, and getting on our nerves so we will get them involved in running the province to keep them busy while Colter can continue slapping the bass and Mark and I can keep shredding powder and macking babes, hopefully landing an MTV gig.” – Craig

“Yeah.” – Mark

“Technically I don’t ‘slap the bass’, I’m more of a cross between Jonny Cash and…” – Colter

“PINATA TIME!!!” – Craig

“Yeah.” – Mark

And thats how it came to be.  Brad Wall and Don McMorris were thrust to the forefront of Saskatchewan politics, which eventually led us to the historical day proclaimed by Colter’s Dad as:

“THE BEST WORK LUNCH EVER. HANDS DOWN!” – Brad Wall, November 2nd, 2015

We invited Mark and Craig’s Dad as well, but measures of Provincial Security forbid the two men to eat the same food, in the same building, at the same time. Understandable.

Mikey and I picked Colter’s Dad up from the Leg and Danny Y met us at Nicky’s to secure prime seating.  When we arrived, Colter’s Dad couldn’t quite place where he knew Danny Y from, but we have a photo in the blog that may help jog his memory.  (The former PM must have been a big BS Club fan as well)

On to the Burgers and Shakes.  We hit up Nicky’s Cafe and everyone under the age of 50 ordered Nickys famous “Nicky’s Jumbo Burger”:

nicky’s jumbo burger
open wide. the big burger for the really big appetites. this is an awesome double-meat, double-cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, pickle, on a toasted sesame-seed bun.

Colter’s Dad looked at it, talked about it, wanted it and made a choice with his head instead of his stomach.  He let the impending “Question and Answer” session at the Leg factor into his decision to take a more conservative approach to his order.  A wise forward thinking and responsible choice, but had he been more liberal with his schedule that day, I’m sure he would have chosen the jumbo.  Instead he picked:

the natural burger
a burger purist’s burger. a perfect, secretly seasoned patty, charbroiled to perfection & placed open-faced atop a lightly buttered, toasted sesame-seed bun. served with tomato slices, fresh lettuce, dill pickles & fried onions naturally.

Mikey ordered his burger NDP as always (No Damn Pickles) and asked for the 1000 island sauce to be left off his bun.  The server was obviously star struck by Danny Y in his super-extra-medium T-shirt and brought Mikeys burger with the sauce.  Mikey turned full ‘Champ’ and almost lost it, but I quickly asked her to bring a new bottom bun. Crisis averted. She advised Mikey that his bun would be right out as it was just being toasted.  It came, but wasn’t toasted an unfulfilled promise that wasn’t well received at the table but I chalk it up again to Danny Ys painted on shirt and dreamy eyes.

Burgers were delicious and scored strong:

Burger Avg: 39.5/50

It was now time to Shake things up:

The Founding Fathers all went with chocolate while Colter’s Dad kept in line with his ‘Purist’ theme and opted for vanilla:

The shakes came out in a frosty tin, with the straw standing firm in the thick milkshakes.  This was the Holy Grail of shakes and would have secured out of this world scores if there were more options or toppings.  Regardless, the size, thickness and taste were all scored very high by all of our judges, leaving us with a formidable tally:

Shake Avg: 45.5/50

Finally, we judged our celebrity.  Colter’s Dad was well dressed, personable and somewhat fanatical about the club.  Although he kept referring to himself as an ‘Honorary Member’ (a title that had not been formally bestowed upon him), he was a fine Celebrity Guest as his score reflected:

Celebrity Avg: 45.67/50

This leaves JC in the lead with Mikey left to go:

Cumulative Avg Score for Burger Shake: 85/100

Cumulative Avg with Celebrity ranking: 87%

Wall_Harper_Danny BS_Nickys_Shake BS_Club_Nickys

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