Celebrity Round – FATBURGER


My celebrity is a former Saskatchewan Roughrider, current head strength and conditioning coach of the Roughies and owner/CEO of Level 10 Fitness Inc. in Regina, none other than Dan ‘glass cutter hands’ Farthing!!!

I chose to take this CFL legend to Fatburger because I’ve heard great things about this burger establishment and I myself have never had a Fatburger.

Let me tell you, neither the burger nor the celebrity were a disappointment!

All 4 of us chose XXL Fatburger.  Our Celebrity dressed his up a little, where the 3 of us just went with meat and cheese!  First off, this burger was right off the grill as it was still steaming hot when they served it to us.  The abundance of cheese was melted to perfection and burger itself was extremely tasty!

The scores in the end showed that we were all on the same page, as the burger’s average score was 39.5/50!

The owner of Fatburger happened to be in the store at the time, and as the other 2 members of BSC are repeat visitors and local celebrities themselves, we were treated with an order of mini donuts and caramel dipping sauce!  And let me tell you, those were AWESOME!!!  If you’re going in for the burger, stay for the mini donuts and take the rest of the caramel sauce home!

On to the shake….

Our celebrity went with the vanilla, and the three of us did a chocolate shake this time.  Once again, nobody was disappointed with their selection.  The shake was rich, thick and topped with whipped cream!  With the shake being as thick as it was, you can really take your time enjoying the rich flavour for a longer period of time.

The shakes here scored an average of 39.88/50!

Fatburger had an overall rating of 79.38

My celebrity was also scored and received an average score of 38.67/50



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