Winner Winner – Burger Dinner

Burger          Shake
JC                 36                47

Dan               38                46

Mike              36                43

Avg               36.7           45.3

Total Cumulative Avg: 82/100


I had been sweating over my decision the last 2 weeks trying to decide where to go. Having the collective weight of this fine city’s desire for delicious burgers and shakes on our shoulders can be stressful. I also only want the best for my co-founding compatriots.
I had finally decided to go with a full court press of Dairy Queen burger and shake (thanks to the gentle urging of my understanding wife)
We arrived at Dairy Queen and during our lunch hour we basically had lunch with a show. Rambling Dave all but made love to his car in the Esso car wash parking lot for the better part of an hour as we ate our meal

Our burger choice was the ½ pound bacon cheeseburger.
The burger overall was pretty good. The bun was average and the burger was a little dry but after the discovery of 2 different types of cheese by Danny Y we realized the burger was definitely above average.
Jason being worried about his numerous upcoming medical procedures failed to find 2 cheeses on his burger which put him in a huff. Technically he was not huffing as his deviated septum would not allow such an action so he settled for a snort.

Avg Score: 36.7/50

We went for another go around through the drive thru of DQ just as Ramblin Dave was cleaning out the keyhole to his trunk across the parking lot.
The shake choices were limited to the basic 3 with another 3 or 4 choices on top which was more than enough for us. We all chose our go to, Chocolate and with uncertainty in my voice requested extra thick which was met from the angelic drive thru voice with a resounding “Of course!”
Once up to the window we were offered the choice of whip cream and a cherry which was a nice personal touch on the part of the DQ shake mistress.
After getting our shakes we pulled back into the same spot to again watch Dave caress his G5 with the care a parent would wash a newborn baby.
We were not only thrilled with the taste of our shakes but the thickness was off the charts!
Our straws could barely handle the suction. The shakes stayed cold and thick longer than we could have hoped for.
Not only was the DQ shake the best drive thru round shake it is near the top for all shakes consumed to this point in our long and eventful journey
Overall the Dairy Queen meal was enjoyable with the shake being absolutely fantastic.
“It’s not fast food , it’s fan food” as our Yoda of milkshakes Danny Y whispered into his straw as he entered his own world of ice cream delirium.

Shake Avg: 45.3/50

Overall cumulative score 82/100

Stay tuned next week to see what round and establishment we visit!!

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One thought on “Winner Winner – Burger Dinner

  1. Scott Tresek says:

    While I often wonder how many others read this, it’s funny stuff! May I suggest Fat Burger one day? Pretty decent burgers and a great vanilla milkshake!


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