Danny Y’s Selection – Coney Island Cafe

Well folks, the first round is complete and the all the votes are in….Coney Island Cafe is the winner!

With a burger score of:


With a shake score of:


These are the highest scores of the opening round in both categories.

All three of us once again had the bacon cheese burger, done to our liking (Mikey’s still moo-ing) and they were fantastic.

Not sure if this is ketchup or blood, but I’m happy either way”! Mikey says as he laughs and gets ready to inhale his last morcel of burger.

Bun wasn’t too big and didn’t get soggy from the juicyness of the burger and extras.  Bacon volume was suffice and didn’t take over from the taste of the burger itself, just added to the overall great taste of the burger.

The three of us all went different directions on the shakes this time, and neither of those directions steered us wrong!! JC went with chocolate mint, Mikey had the chocolate chip cookie dough and Iwas handcuffed (explained shorly) and chose the butter pecan.

First off, the shakes were served in an “old school” metal cup, which was frosted on the outside!  Secondly, they were so thick that the straw stood staright up!  And finally, they were topped off with a little dollop of whipped cream!

However, one of the daily specials was cookies and cream and I was pumped for that, but they were out of product!  This does make it sound like a success, but YOU NEED TO ERASE THAT OFF YOUR BOARD MAN!!  I’m a bit of a “cookies and cream slut” when it comes to ice cream products, so that was tough to take……I never did let that hurt my score though.

We treated oursleves to one of the Coney Island Cafe poutines as well, just because that is what they are famous for.  We chose to go with the ‘Elvis Prestley’ poutine and it was defintely unique.  It is a regula poutine topped with chopped up bacon, but within the gravy is melted peanut butter.  To a PB fan (Mikey) this is heaven, but the peanut butter does take control of the overall flavour so if you’re not a huge fan, I’d go another direction….and they have a lot of concoctions to choose from, so EXPLORE and ENJOY!!

We Highly recommend this establishment if you want a fantastic burger and shake!

And if you want to live a little on the wild side, they seem to be able to do that as well!!!

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