Serburger and Milky Way Shake

Thursday June 11th, 2015 – JC

This marks the first ever review for the Burger and Shake Club. Please visit ‘The Rules’ for official rules of the Club. The first round is the “Inaugural Round” and finds us choosing an establishment that serves burgers with the option of having a shake from another establishment in walking distance.

Jason’s choice for this round:

The Serbian Club for a ‘Serburger’ and Milky Way for a milkshake.

While you need to be a member to enjoy a burger at the Serbian Club, you definitely need to  give it a try!  Buy a membership or go with someone who has a membership to experience a large homemade burger (with or without garlic) on a homemade bun.  I tried to buy a membership and have it added to my bill, but that must have been lost in the confusion of our order because I don’t think I was billed for it.  We were served nonetheless and so we tipped (bribed?) the staff generously for their service.  I also tried to order fries, but that request was denied with a smirk and a simple reply by our server as she said “No, burger is too big. no fries”. She was right, the burger was the size of the plate and was tasty.  The cumulative scores of our reviews can be found below.

Then it was time for the shakes!  You can’t really go wrong with the Milky Way, which is conveniently located less than 2 blocks from the Serbian Club.  We all added ‘malt’ to our orders and Danny Y went with the classic chocolate shake.  Mike mixed up chocolate and peanut butter while I opted for mint chocolate.  The variety of flavours and thickness of the Milky Way shakes will make it a front runner and tough to beat, as the scores were all very high from our club members.

Serbian Club/Serb Burger: 37.7/50

Milky Way: 42.7/50

Cumulative Score: 80.4%

While this is a Bi-Weekly club, we are sneaking in another Club Meeting next Thursday to fit in all 3 reviews for the inaugural round before Mikey takes off for burger and shake research to Eastern Canada for about a month.  Next up is Mike, see you all next Thursday!


Mikey:  “Size is important but taste trumps all!”

Danny Y: “This burger makes me want to visit Serbia”

JC:  “If this shake was in a tin, it would be unbeatable!”

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